5 Tips That Will Help You Write A Doctoral Dissertation

How to write a doctoral thesis: 5 vital prompts

It’s essential to formulate a compelling thesis statement. It’s the foundation to your entire thesis writing. You should do a lot of brainstorming to get ideas and make sure you write them down. In general, your thesis statement should include the following elements:

  • A topic that people could reasonably disagree on
  • You must be able to make an argument
  • One main idea should be the focus
  • Make sure you can support your topic with facts, data, findings
  • Your conclusions, based on your research, should be presented

The actual prompts you would use would depend on the field of studies you are involved in. As an example, the 5 vital prompts for a management thesis paper might look like this:

  1. Did you notice a trend that was taking place in the corporate world?
  2. What principles of business had an impact on the process of management?
  3. Did concerns of customers have an impact on daily office routines? In a positive or negative way?
  4. What kind of impact did management processes have on other employees?
  5. What kind of feedback was given on the procedures by customers, colleagues or peers?

An effective prompt is a question that gets your thought processes moving in the right direction. Ask questions that will bring out details you can apply to your research. What trends do you see? What kind of responses are you getting? Your clinical experiences should play a critical role here.

Because your thesis is based on your clinical findings, it has the potential to be unique and original. No one has done the exact same field research as you have done – the same companies, same people, same time etc. Because of that fact, your studies and conclusions can be considered authentic and even groundbreaking.

Choosing the right topic is the key to getting others interested in reading your thesis. Make sure you can generate enough research to support your argument and make a firm standing on your subject. It helps to have passion and a great interest in your topic. Your readers will feel how much you have invested in time and energy through the passion in your words.

If your topic seems too general, you can break it down into smaller parts by asking more detailed questions. It will be much easier to effectively write a thesis statement that’s compelling when the topic is laser focused.