A List Of Some Unusual Master’s Thesis Topics For Research

Interesting Master’s Thesis Topics for Research

The common Master’s thesis is nearly 100-pages long. So, how do you go about deciding a topic that will give you enough information to research? This can be quite a daunting task for many students. However, don’t worry because we have created a list of interesting Master’s thesis topics for research.

Choosing a Master’s thesis topic

There are a few things you should keep in mind before trying to pick a topic for your Master’s thesis. The first thing you should consider is what your professor wants. Did he or she suggest or assign topics? If not, then you should decide what you are really interested in. The topic you choose should be something that is both compelling for the audience, but also exciting for you. The fact is that the more excited you are about your topic, the better your research and writing will be.

Examples of Thesis topics for a Master’s degree

There are many topics you can choose for your Master’s thesis. If you are at an impasse and can’t figure out what you want to write about, read some of our interesting suggestions below:

  • Botox and other injectable facial filler treatments and their effect on a woman.
  • The new mother: A study looking into the trend of grandmothers parenting their grandkids.
  • Establishing a connection between homelessness and the violence against women.
  • Recruiting home support workers in Canada
  • The abuse inflicted upon parents by their adolescent children
  • The effects of geographical location on those taking care of patients with Alzheimer’s.
  • The life experiences of female spouses of American military members who suffer from PTSD, or post traumatic stress disorder
  • The experiences of bisexual people coming out into the open
  • A close look at online education and the effects of family life
  • The challenges faced by LGBT people in regards to long-term care

As you can see, you can choose a topic that covers any niche you want. If you wish to discuss a feminist issue - that’s okay, as is talking about other social issues such as gay marriage. The only thing you must be cautious of is whether or not your instructor will allow the topic. Therefore, it’s a great idea to get any topic you choose approved by your professor. This will allow you to modify the topic if he or she doesn’t like it, or narrow it down if it’s too broad.