A PhD thesis writing tutorial: what are the key points?

A PhD thesis: what are the key points?

PhD thesis writing requires lot of courage and optimism. PhD thesis is a very comprehensive and time taking research work. The research work done in the PhD thesis is very important from both research and practical implication point of view. The research work done in the PhD thesis is usable in different forms so PhD students conduct their research work carefully and with a lot of hard work and effort. The research papers we usually find in our research journals are the work of the PhD scholars and their works serves as very helpful material for the junior research workers. Principally if we put more effort and hard work in doctoral thesis or research work it will help us later on at wide range.

The format you have to follow in the PhD thesis is very obvious and you all must be familiar with it being a research scholar. This article will provide you with the technical key points which can enhance the effectiveness and comprehensiveness of your PhD thesis. Instead of briefing you with the headings and arrangement of contents you have to follow for your research work we will mention the points which are usually ignored by the students or scholars due to stress and work load. Following are the key points which will help you in writing a PhD thesis:

  • Clarity: first of all you should have to be clear about the topic of your research. You should have the complete clarity about the purpose of your research in your mind.
  • Follow a Schedule: you must make a schedule for you on your own behalf. If you divide your days according to your work then it will be easy for you to accomplish the task within the given time. The advantage of making a schedule for yourself for your thesis work is that you will do work with fresh mind and energy every day. When you have decided to give certain hours of the day just to your PhD thesis, then definitely it will improve the quality time for your research work.
  • Literature Review: you must spend a lot of time in reading and exploring the already done researches on the same topic that you have chosen. Getting most of the information about your research topic will help you developing the understanding of your topic and ultimately it will help you in writing your PhD thesis.

Writing a Thesis

Writing a thesis is a technical task. You should draw an outline of the following headings prior to the start of proper writing of your thesis:

  • Title page
  • Methods
  • Format
  • Referencing style

For a decent thesis paper you will have to craft a good and catchy thesis statement. You can craft it on your own, but it is advisable to use online tools such as this thesis statement generator. A PhD thesis paper will be brighter with help of online services.