Beginning Your Phd Thesis Writing In 7 Steps

How to begin your PhD thesis writing

PhD thesis writing is the most crucial work students have to do. The students on the PhD level even find a lot of difficulty while writing their PhD thesis. The requirements of the PhD thesis are very tough and students feel sick about writing a good PhD thesis. Most of the times, where students stuck are the very beginning of the thesis. You usually get confused that how to start writing a thesis. Questions like, from where should I get a start? What should I do first? What should be the starting lines? Where to get started? Etc. may come in your mind frequently when you are about to write a PhD thesis.

It has been generally said that beginning of a task is always difficult and once you are in to it, no more it remains difficult.

This article will provide you a guideline for the beginning of PhD thesis. You will no more feel stressed for the initials of your PhD thesis.

Selection of the topic: it is the most important task you have to accomplish first of all. Choose a topic for your research very carefully. Select it after a calm minded brain storming. Once you are aware of the topic on which you are going to research then things get easy for you further.

  • Prior Research: when you have selected a topic for your research then explore all its possible dimensions. Research your topic and related researches done prior to you on your topic. Explore the areas in which you can conduct a research related to your topic. Extensive research done before the start of the thesis always proves to be an effective measure.
  • Arrangement and Organization: once you have different areas for your research work and you have explored researches done on them, then you must organize your data first that what things you require and what not. Do the process of inclusion and exclusion very sharply and maturely.
  • Outline: prepare an outline for your thesis and then start writing.
  • Introduction: put a lot of effort on writing your introduction. It should carry a strong thesis statement.
  • Format: you should always follow the format set by some standard association or university. Do not forget to follow the instruction mentioned by your supervisor.
  • Conclusion: introduction and conclusion are very important points. You need to be very careful while writing your conclusion. Your conclusion should be according to your research findings.
  • Original Work: The work should be all original. Plagiarism is not acceptable at all.
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