Creating Dissertation Topics In Finance: Useful Guidelines

Picking The Best Dissertation Topics In Finance: 20 Interesting Examples

Dissertation writing can be tough, but if you have a great topic, then you’ll be able to complete it more easily. It’s fun when it’s something you’re actually interested in, so that studying and writing is more for finding out about this topic, than it seems like work. If you’re struggling with your research, then you might just not have found the right subject to study. Keep reading for some great ideas for your finance thesis topic.

Dissertation topics for finance students

  1. How the Asian financial crisis impacts conservatism
  2. Stock returns: looking at size, value pattern and profitability
  3. Gender and CEO compensation
  4. Accounting choice and economic determinants
  5. How do causes of market and self, impact financial exclusion?
  6. How commercial banking has evolved in the 21st century
  7. Actual viability of certain financial products in local markets
  8. Determining the P/E ratio
  9. Compare larger and smaller fund size of mutual fund performance
  10. Manager efficiency compared to CEO compensation
  11. Mutual and index funds: growing popularity
  12. Comparing credit scoring methods of foreign banks
  13. Analysis of performance of hedge funds
  14. How does interest rate impact the stock market
  15. How financial development occurs (comparing two countries)
  16. How Islamic banking affects car loans in (any country)
  17. How free cash flow changes firm profitability
  18. Analysis of relationship between return on investment and price earning ratio
  19. How macroeconomics impacts the stock sector in (any country)
  20. Analysis of reasons for bank mergers and acquisitions

Start looking into a few of these that catch your attention. If you want a truly original topic, then you can combine two ideas, or take a new approach to a familiar topic. Talk with your advisor and possibly other students in the same field, about what they think. It’s often a good idea to get feedback on your topic choice early on so that you aren’t making a mistake. It will save you a lot of work later on if you plan things ahead of time and are able to anticipate the work you need to do. Get help if you need it, because your teachers are there for you, and don’t expect you to do everything on your own. The best projects are the product of collaboration, as the saying goes, two heads are better than one.