Defending Your Doctoral Dissertation In Five Steps

5 Prompts To Give a Great Dissertation Defense

A dissertation defense requires the skillfulness of a researcher to present his or her ideas in a knowledgeable aspect. The tone of the word is a bit complex to most of us who are working on our projects or about to undertake an academic project. Students who are about to face a panel and present their ideas often panic and wonder whether they did enough research? Was their work relevant to other scholars work in their field? Is the thesis statement in their research helpful and quality? This are some of the questions student ask themselves before defending their argument. I was not spared when it comes to dissertation defense, anxiety and panic hindered a good presentation of my research. Although I did not do so well in the first dissertation defense, the second one was much easier for me. This is because I learned how to prepare of the perfect dissertation defense. Using these simple steps, students can have a much simpler time when facing the board.

  • Mental preparedness
  • Anxiety is not new to anyone who is expected to stand in front of a panel and present his or her research. Therefore planning for the questions that might be asked by the panel is vital. Practicing in front of a life crowd like friends helps to build confidence

  • Reviewing research question
  • By reviewing research question, rationale of studies and techniques used to collect data, a student is more armed with appropriate answers that the panel might require.

  • Short, simple and clear findings
  • Avoiding ambiguity and unnecessary technical language will save a student explanation questions and enhance more understanding of the research topic.

  • Presentability
  • Professional dress code should be followed for a committee to take you serious. This is a formal meeting and professionalism should be observed.

  • Calmness
  • You do not want a shaky voice during dissertation defense. Simple exercise like deep breathing can help to keep you calm. Also be real and expect a few revisions expected from you, this should be done without any grudges made.

Last but not least, after presenting thesis defense it is wise to have a way forward. Ask yourself what should come next after the presentation? How should I tackle my revision for a better grade? With this done, you should be assured to have an easy time of dissertation defense. Try them today.