Dissertation Help: 5 Best Offline Sources To Check

Ways to Get Dissertation Help Offline: 5 Useful Tricks 

Writing a dissertation won’t seem like such a daunting task if you are well-prepared for it. It is necessary that you involve all the available sources that provide assistance in doing this type of academic work. Make use of the following tricks that will allow you to get solid dissertation help offline:

  1. Keep in touch with your advisor.
  2. This is the first person you should turn to in order to clarify all your questions. Ask your advisor if there are any dissertations that have been approved by him or her recently. Get copies of these works. Check what format should be used in your paper (MLA or APA), so that the proper style manual version can be bought. Find out if there are any additional instructions supplementing the standard format. Get to know what an approximate length of your dissertation should be. Consult with your advisor on the issues of methodology, practical usages of statistical formulas, steps of literature review, etc. Don’t be shy; insist on the help of your advisor because this is their job and they are paid for it.

  3. Seek help from the tutors of your school.
  4. There are highly specialized organizations or clubs in schools that provide tutoring services to students. You can appeal to them on some subjects, or even borrow some tutorials to find answers to some questions. Even if they refuse to give you tutorials for free, you may still get acquainted with some students that make use of their services.

  5. Go to the library.
  6. In the library, ask for materials that may be connected to your dissertation proposal. These are not only books or journals, but also some research materials. There are also copies of dissertations available in the library. Look through the references, as well as find and read a copy of a dissertation in your field of investigation.

  7. Visit the school archive.
  8. The archive department contains materials that cannot be found in the library. Here, you can also find materials that are generally used in the curriculum of your school. You will have an advantage from now on, because your dissertation will be written according to the school standards.

  9. Ask your friend for help.
  10. Your friends or classmates can also be helpful. They probably know someone who has written a dissertation some time ago, and will agree to share some research materials or guidelines with you. You might even ask them for their copies of dissertations to have them as examples. Students are usually very cooperative, so that shouldn’t be a problem.