Essay Sample On Uninsured In America

Uninsured in America

Right to health facilities is an essential element in any social set up. Insurance policies provide guidelines under which citizens are able to subscribe for various premiums. Premiums are financial covers that citizens undertake with regard to various incentives in life. Particularity, health covers are subscriptions that people take for treatments in case of illnesses. The current demographic trend in America shows that the rate of health insurance subscriptions has been on the rise since 2011, resulting to relatively lower rate of uninsured citizens. The number of uninsured Americans corresponds to the social situation of most people, and adjustments to the rate equally signify the trend in economic development in the country.

The decline in the rate of uninsured citizens in America is attributed to many factors. Factors related to this increase involves new structural polices initiated by relevant governmental agencies. Statistical analysis indicates that the rate of uninsured Americans declined in 2012, standing at 15.44 percent from the previous rate at 15.71 percent. This decline is linked to the popular programs that the government undertook in sensitizing the citizens on the need for medical covers. Various programs were initiated by the government, and this forms the milestone in reducing the number of citizens without health cover. Based on the importance of health insurance, American government introduced friendly polices depending on the social status of each citizens. These covers were available at a subsidized rate and became accessible to people of both classes.

The intensity of covering Americans under comprehensive health insurance premiums became reenergized with the incorporation of President Obama’s health polices. The President’s policies had advocated for affordable health premiums to the low income families. Most families benefited from health care laws and repeal of 2010, which allowed young adults to stay on their parent’s insurance until the age of 26 years. This litigation made it possible for young adults to be covered under various healthcare insurance premiums, thereby decreasing the rate of uninsured Americans by some percentages.

Reducing trend in the number of uninsured Americans is one achievement that President Obama has made in his reign as a president. The new law has triumphed beyond the expectations of the Republicans that it would undermine employer-sponsored coverage. Children benefited more than adults under this law, since more could get insurance cover than adults. Medical insurance reflected commitment and efforts of Obama’s administration to improve social welfare of the citizens.

In conclusion, efforts made by the Government enabled many Americans to be covered under comprehensive medical insurance, and this translated to the social wellbeing of most citizens. Trend of medical insurance coverage is still on the rise as most people embrace importance of getting comprehensive medical cover.