How To Select A Topic For PhD Paper On Leadership

10 great leadership dissertation topics you should use

When writing about leadership you can pick a topic such as:

  • Effective leadership methods
  • Tips from the best leaders in history
  • Does being a good business leader translate to a good political leader
  • The impact leaders have on profits
  • Whether regular training for leaders leads to a better work environment
  • How leaders can set up an office space to increase productivity
  • What is too much leadership
  • What is not enough leadership
  • Should leaders alleviate negative reinforcement and replace it with positive reinforcement
  • Communication as a leader

Consider the example below:

Business Management and the English Teacher

Anyone who has been in an executive office setting can likely attest to the fact that executives get stuck on grammar. However, one must question whether or not there is real value in proper grammar. Grammar serves as the foundation for language. It offers structure for a means of communication, without which we would be unable to communicate. Grammar is responsible for the types of words which can be combined to create sentences in every language. No matter where your business is located, grammar affords the ability to utilize the complex mental capacity afforded to humans.

Many individuals, especially executives associate grammar with errors or a lack thereof. However, knowing about grammar aids us in understanding how sentences and paragraphs can be made clearer, how they can be made more precise, and how they can be carefully crafted to be more interesting. Grammar is not just a part of a boring literature discussion from school, but rather, how every language and dialect follows specific patterns.

As a professional, business communication requires a thorough knowledge of grammar. It is proper grammar which is in part responsible for creating the professional appearance a company has for its customers. By paying attention to writing styles, word use, and spelling, a company can better market themselves, making their products or services attractive to a myriad of customers over their competitors. When communicating among others in the corporate structure, having grammar mistakes can lead employees to think poorly of their leadership, sending a message that the leadership is not as smart as they need to be and that they do not care about employees enough to properly edit the communications.

Another benefit to using proper grammar is that it creates authority. If you have proper grammar in your correspondence it creates a sense of authority for the readers.

Lastly, using proper grammar within the corporate structure helps a company to retain their competitive edge. By utilizing proper communication skills, a company can efficiently contact the people within their company, or third party personnel, or even customers to handle operational changes, new policies, or new product placement. This reduces the amount of time lost during organizational resets. As such, if ever an executive sends a communication back for editing, be sure to pay specific attention to the grammar under the auspices that this provides many benefits for the company and can pave the way to success.