How To Use An Online Thesis Example

How to use an online thesis example

The beauty of an online thesis example is that you can copy the format requirements. These formats are tested many times over and set up the layout you need. Every college or university will have strict requirements as to the layout or appearance of your thesis. Obviously you need to know the specific requirements of your institution before you submit your work. But as to the layout, online examples offer a brilliant page layout for any student.

You can even choose which type of software to use to generate a template. Of course this has nothing to do with the content of your thesis; that part of the deal is definitely down to you. But the crazy situation is that many students, who write wonderfully well, sometimes fall down because they do not adhere to the layout and content requirements of their college. It’s crazy because the correct format is available online with free instructions and templates to make your thesis look great and meet the college requirements.

Online templates don't do everything

While it is true that online thesis templates give you a wonderful foundation to produce your thesis, they are not 100% perfect. For example they don't create headings and they don't carry out the important task of citations. Both of these you will need to do manually.

But think about it. In the course of your undergraduate or postgraduate studies, you will need to create a thesis many times over on many different subjects. Being able to research your topic and to write well are vitally important ingredients. But unless you present every thesis in the format required by your educational institution, you are in trouble. Thank goodness online thesis templates are freely available.

Different versions of Word and different hardware

The beauty of the format tools is that they have been tested successfully and shown to work well on a number of different versions of MS Word. They also work well on a Mac although you may wish to be sure the screen resolution is right - preferably 1040 x 1280 - otherwise the layout can overlap in some places.

Every college will have their requirements online and often under a Heading of Style Guide or similar. Remember that you’ll be writing many of this type of thesis over the course of your studies so learning the layout required is a smart move from the beginning.