How To Write An Economics Thesis To Help You Graduate

How To Write An Economics Thesis

Many economics students feel quite intimidated and overwhelmed at the prospect of writing an economics thesis. But it may not be as bad as it sounds. Especially if you know a few tips on how to break down the thesis writing into smaller, manageable chunks. The following step by step procedure will give you a stress-free way to get your thesis written.

  1. Know the expectations. If you know what your teacher or professor expects, you will be better able to deliver. Meeting and exceeding their expectations will earn you a better grade. The expectations include any guidelines, word count, page count, reference style etc.
  2. Plan your time. Make a schedule for yourself so you know exactly when the deadline is, how much time you can afford to spend writing and researching every day, and write it down. Put it in a very obvious place like up on the wall where you will see it every day. Use your time wisely and don’t procrastinate.
  3. Choose your topic and statement. Assuming you are an economics major and you have some experience in that field, you probably have some ideas already on what you’d like to write about. Explore those ideas in a little greater depth until you find a focal point on which you’d like to write your thesis.
  4. Research of the literature. Be especially thorough with the recent literature pertaining to your research question. You must be able to show how each article is related to your thesis. Does it support your question? How is it relevant? Is it authoritative?
  5. Determine your methodology. There will be copious amounts of statistical data to collect and analyze. This step is the most critical for an economics thesis. Get this right and you will earn respect. Get it wrong and your thesis will lose its credibility. You will interpret the data you generate for the purpose of drawing a conclusion.

While an economics thesis may seem overwhelming at the beginning, laying out a course of action at the start gives you a charted course to follow. Accomplish a task every day towards the final goal of a finished thesis. There will be a lot of reading, studying and writing to do. When they are left until the last minute it becomes formidable. However, they can be broken down into smaller segments that can be accomplished on a daily basis. Then they become much more manageable.