Popular Myths About Writing A PhD Thesis From Scratch

Myths about Writing a PhD Thesis paper

PhD research paper cannot be accomplished without hard work and passion. You have to put heart and soul to it. It is a lengthy process and obviously one goes through a lot of distress at many levels while doing PhD thesis. Every difficult task carries some myths with it which develop over time. Similar is the case with PhD thesis process. Such myths do nothing but to considerably enhance the depression that one faces while doing research. It is essential to be aware of those myths so that it doesn’t harm the motivation and capabilities which are heart of your research process. Following are some myths which affect your work to a greater deal than you imagine.

Supervisor is an authority and major influence on your thesis:

No doubt, supervisor or advisor is very important person who can help you in many ways to make your dissertation better. But, that should never mean that supervisor is the God of your thesis. Yes, he can help but you are the one who’s going to control it. Your style and ideas should not be diminished under the influence of your advisor. Some people are very scared to counter with advisor in case of some disagreement, whereas they shouldn’t be.

You have to follow previously set guidelines no matter what:

Some people stick to the old patterns and styles so much that it represses their own style and imagination. You cannot create something influential and innovative unless it comes out of your own creativity. So, do follow the guidelines but just according to the need of your paper.

A research has nothing to do with creativity and innovation:

Some people think that doing a research work is nothing but a source to get the doctoral degree. They consider it a dull and monotonous task which has no relation with your creativity. If you are thinking this way then you are wrong. Your idea and individuality is what can make your research distinguished. And this is how you can do it with full motivation.

You need to create a masterpiece as it is going to be the revolutionary:

When working on dissertation, person is usually burdened with the thought that if he fails to create a masterpiece in the form of this dissertation, his whole life will go wasted and that will be the end of life. Well, you may create a masterpiece if you don’t trouble your mind and work peacefully.