Tips On How To Write An Essay Thesis

Write Essay Thesis – 5 Ideas for Beginners

When a student has to write an essay thesis for the first time, it can be a confusing and daunting assignment. A total beginner will not have any idea where to start to construct a statement that will be useful for the process of writing an essay. There is no need to worry, as we have all been beginners at writing at one point or another, this article contains 5 great ideas to help every beginner write an appropriate essay thesis.

  1. Make a Case
  2. A thesis statement for an essay should make a claim or an argument that the rest of the essay works to support. There should be a debatable point that can be read and argued by others. The author of the essay is telling the reader that the topic being discussed has been thoroughly researched and the consequential results are being presented. The thesis statement is the reason that the paper has been written and therefore should be highlighted.

  3. Place the Thesis in a Prominent Location
  4. All readers are going to want to find the thesis of an essay quickly and easily. Many beginner writers make the mistake of burying their thesis in subsequent paragraphs. It shouldn’t be hidden, it should be prominently displayed in the introductory paragraph for all to see and argue with. This argument being made should be bold and make your paper relatively easy to follow. Your paper will be based around it.

  5. A Thesis is not a Statement of Fact
  6. Many people write thesis statements which are mere statements of fact, but a thesis should be more than that. It should involve a point that can be argued and defended. Writing a thesis that is too factual will lead very little room for development of the topic and won’t lead to compelling writing or reading.

  7. A Thesis can be Continually Revised
  8. One worry that many beginner writers have is that the thesis has to be perfect the first time. That is not the case. A thesis can be continually revised and rewritten until the paper is completed and handed in. This gives a writer some flexibility to adapt the topic to fit, new discoveries in research.

  9. Be Persuasive and Clear
  10. Finally the thesis statement should clearly state exactly what the argument being made is. The reason that your argument is persuasive should be evident to a reader as well. Many beginner writers shy away from stating an opinion others will openly disagree with but that should be a goal of writing an essay thesis.