Writing A Thesis - Demonstrating Your Own Qualifications

Writing A Thesis Is A Very Large and Independent Project

It was in the middle ages that the practice of producing a final "thesis" began, in the past when a craftsman wished to become a "mast at his craft" he would be asked to create his "masterpiece" which was judged by his peers.

When the first Universities were founded they adopted this principle, and began to offer grants and diplomas to students once the scholars had demonstrated their "mastery" which later became known a thesis. To this day in order to get a Masters or PH. Doctorate one must complete a final project known as a "thesis" or "final thesis". Upon completion of this thesis, which does the faculty of your educational institution in your field of study grade, a student is rewarded with an invitation to join the faculty or the acceptance of their application to become an "expert" in that particular field.

Many students don't realize the importance of their "thesis" in the extent of their academic career. Your final grade/ evaluation on a thesis can change your future and determine your academic direction. Failing to succeed at your "thesis" may prevent you from moving forward at your University and limit you if you ever wish to instruct on topic of study.

The faculty grades your "masterpiece" and determines whether or not you have learnt enough in your studies to qualify as an expert. They evaluate your paper and based on some clearly defined criteria.

1.) Is the topic clearly defined, is addressed consistently, and directive to the audience?

2.) Do they choose their resources wisely, and acknowledge evidence appropriately?

3.) Is the thesis paper clearly organized and well worded?

4.) Does it meet the quality standards of formatting, grammar, spelling, and other mechanics?

5.) Are the sources cited accurately and are the resources reliable?

Based on these 5 categories your paper will be carefully evaluated pass or fail, the faculty will determine if you can move forward based on this single long-form written assignment.

Why You Should Write Your Thesis Independently

Although it may be tempting to seek outside help in completing such an important project, working with others or hiring a professional isn't always the most advisable course of action. This is because it is suppose to be "your thesis" therefore it is your project to tackle. Think of it this way if that ancient craftsman had gotten someone else to complete their masterpiece it wouldn't of been their own. Although they may of still been qualified as an expert, the reality would be that they had never met the per-requisites of that title. If your dedicated to your area of study, the thesis paper should be your own, so it authentically demonstrates your capabilities and qualifications.